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Business Litigation

Ring & Green APC is proficient in all aspects of business litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. When preferable, we use our best efforts to resolve a dispute prior to filing a lawsuit. We have litigated hundreds of matters over the years in both state and federal courts. Furthermore, we have considerable experience with arbitrations and mediation. Our partners' extensive large-firm experience and major court victories, coupled with the cost savings of a smaller office, permit us to represent our clients efficiently and effectively.

Our philosophy is to solve problems, not merely to process our clients' cases. We analyze each matter individually and tailor a litigation strategy best designed to achieve our clients' goals. We listen carefully to our clients from the outset, which avoids costly and sometimes useless legal preparation.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations, real estate developers, commercial clients, and large institutional clients in local litigated matters.

Real Estate Litigation

Contract Disputes

When a business deal falls apart, Ring & Green APC is there to represent your interests. We use our litigation skills to position you for a favorable settlement or to ensure your best chances at trial. We have litigated a myriad of contract disputes, including construction defect litigation, breaches of distributorship and other agreements, misrepresentation and fraud claims, insurance coverage denials, actions for injunctive relief, and key employee wrongful termination matters, to name a few.

Real Estate Litigation

Ring & Green APC represents real estate owners in controversies involving their property, including commercial landlord-tenant disputes. Our litigated matters have involved development projects, the existence and location of boundaries and easements, real estate purchase and sale agreements, property management contracts, and commercial unlawful detainer actions.

Corporate & Partnership Disputes

We aggressively and creatively have litigated disagreements between business partners, whether through corporations, partnerships, or some other form of a joint venture. Our goal is to assist our clients in expeditiously concluding their controversy so they can move forward with their businesses. We successfully have dissolved numerous corporations and partnerships and obtained accountings and the monies due to our clients from their former business associates.

Towing & Recovery Operations

Ring & Green APC represents tow operations throughout the state. We successfully sued the City of Los Angeles, forcing it to open to all private tow companies its bidding process for Official Police Garage (OPG) tow contracts. We have negotiated and litigated voluminous disputes between tow companies and the California Highway Patrol and other governmental agencies with which they do business. Ring & Green APC is proud to represent the Los Angeles Chapter of the California Tow Truck Association as well.

Collection & Commercial Litigation

Our extensive experience in collection and commercial litigation enables us to obtain positive results for our clients. We are adept at pre-judgment remedies which enables us, when appropriate, to place liens on a debtor's assets early in the litigation process. These cases typically are not about good faith disputes but either an inability or refusal to pay. We make an aggressive effort to collect your money and to minimize your losses if collection becomes futile.

We further have considerable experience in collecting upon judgments obtained using court-approved but creative remedies. We have levied on or attached—both pre-judgment and post-judgment—valuable works of art, fish in cold storage, and large pieces of industrial equipment, as well as bank accounts and monies owed to your debtor by third parties.