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Entertainment Litigation

Ring & Green APC excels in entertainment litigation, with a primary focus on disputes that arise between talent, production companies, managers, and agents. We have litigated numerous matters over the years in court and before various guilds, arbitrators, and mediators. We also have appeared before the California Labor Commissioner in connection with Talent Agency Act disputes. We understand the nuances of the entertainment industry and are able to handle sensitive matters delicately and discreetly.

Our partners' extensive large-firm experience and major court victories, coupled with the cost savings of a smaller office, permit us to represent our clients efficiently and effectively. Our philosophy is to solve problems, not merely to process our clients' cases. We analyze each matter individually and tailor a litigation strategy best designed to achieve our clients' goals. We listen carefully to our clients from the outset, which avoids costly and sometimes useless legal preparation.


We have represented talent in numerous cases over the years. When below-the-line employees of a failed production company sued a known celebrity, claiming that the celebrity's producer's credit somehow resulted in the celebrity being liable for their unpaid wages, we prevailed at trial and defeated all their claims. When a business partner sued a known public figure for a substantial percentage of the talent's income from a collaborative project, we effectively used the Talent Agency Act to eliminate all money claims against our client. We successfully have represented talent in a lawsuit against a distributor as a result of its failure to pay DVD royalties.

We also represent talent in litigation arising from their various business ventures. We have achieved excellent results in connection with construction-related matters, real estate disputes, and fee disagreements under licensing and other contracts.

Independent Production Companies

Our original thinking and creativity have resulted in exceptional outcomes for our production company clients. When a film's investors sued an independent production company on a variety of breach of contract claims, we successfully defeated their claims at trial in their entirety. We represented another production company in obtaining the tax refunds to which it was entitled from a foreign company that provided below-the-line production services. We further have assisted production companies in satisfactorily resolving licensing disputes for their films and in arbitrating matters before various guilds.