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Subrogation Recovery – A Better Way to Collect

The Collection Agency Alternative

Ring & Green APC is an AV-rated law firm and one of the original members of NASP (National Association of Subrogation Professionals). We pride ourselves on obtaining the most favorable and economical results possible on even the most challenging collection matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the intricate workings of the Southern California legal system, and our Los Angeles-based practice is centrally located, so all the state is within our reach. You owe it to yourself to use Ring & Green APC as we are virtually in the very backyard of those from whom you need to collect.

Because Ring & Green APC is a law firm that specializes in subrogation recovery, rather than an insurance company or agency, our collection efforts elicit the kind of attention and response that prior attempts by our clients have not. Calls and letters from our law office strike a singularly urgent chord in individuals, businesses, and other attorneys. Using Ring & Green APC sends the message that you, the client, have decided to get serious, and the time to deal with this collection matter has come.

Since a typical loss these days may involve complex situations and multiple parties, you need a law firm attuned to alternative theories of liability, as well as the potential pitfalls of certain cases. At Ring & Green APC, our attorneys and subrogation recovery specialists conduct daily roundtable discussions on the progress of our cases. Our up-to-date knowledge and outside-the-box thinking result in innovative solutions to complex problems and larger recoveries for all our clients.

Our Cost-Conscious Pledge: More Negotiation & Less Litigation

We understand that one of your major concerns is cost, including legal costs. Our mission is to reinforce the urgency of your claims. By stressing timely resolution, we are able to resolve many matters without filing a lawsuit. Indeed, we have determined that the perceived potential of going to court enables us to negotiate from a position of tremendous strength. Because we work on a contingency basis, we are result-oriented, thereby making Ring & Green APC more cost-effective than other collection alternatives.

We make absolutely no settlements without your authorization. As soon as an offer is on the table, we contact you and discuss the offer's merits. Then, we continue to negotiate—a proven method that has repeatedly yielded results far above our clients' expectations. We always focus on lump-sum settlements and accept Visa and MasterCard. For most payment plans, we use promissory notes. The promissory note enhances our chance of collecting if payment ceases and litigation becomes necessary.

Of course, if we cannot negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to our client, we will discuss whether a lawsuit is appropriate on a case-by-case basis. If litigation should become necessary, we effect prompt pursuit of the matter and have the resources to do so. Our firm has handled virtually every type and size of creditor lawsuit, including successful enforcement of major levies involving U.S. Marshals with block-long moving vans.

Recovering Your Money

Upon input of your assignment, we immediately send the debtor the first in a series of well-crafted collection letters, along with an acknowledgment to you confirming we have commenced our efforts. Each collection letter is specifically tailored to the particular category of claim. When appropriate, we conduct our correspondence in Spanish. As a matter of course, we thoroughly analyze each file to determine all liable parties and collectability, inputting all essential data into our state-of-the-art collection software. At no extra cost, we order address updates and run the debtor through various bureaus and search engines, both to identify additional responsible parties and to locate all additional addresses—ever expanding our ability to make contact. Per arrangement on account, we also can apply our skip tracing and title search capabilities to lock down firm assets for further action.

Speaking directly with the responsible party also is a key to Ring & Green APC's success, which is why we waste no time in making our first collection call. We use our best efforts time and again to reach all responsible parties and collect. Although we are aggressive in our efforts to recover what is due to you, we do not compromise courtesy and respect in our communications with debtors.

Putting Our Clients First

At Ring & Green APC, you, the client, are our foremost priority. Our philosophy is to solve problems, not merely process cases. We never lose sight of the fact that it is your money we are recovering. We keep all our clients fully informed as to our activities through monthly statements, current trust accountings, and timely payment upon receipt of proceeds. On the 15th of each month, we send monthly progress reports to each of our clients. These reports include all payments due to our clients from monies deposited into our trust account during the previous month. Online viewing is also available. You always will find us to be accessible and available. We are there to listen to your concerns, and we remain in constant communication until your collection matter is settled.