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Subrogation Recovery Services – Core Strengths

Property & Casualty

Ring & Green's APC clients uniquely benefit from our years of handling high-end business litigation as we apply that experience to your large property and casualty claims.

Count on us for everything from sifting through the various contractors and manufacturers on a business or homeowner's loss, to coordinating multiple-party Cause and Origin inspections necessary to establish liability, to extensive review of release language to ensure certain rights are preserved. Ring & Green APC takes a forensic approach to every claim assigned to it.

Uninsured Motorist

UM claims traditionally have been the engine that drives the subrogation train. Although Ring & Green APC covers all of California, our central location in the heart of Los Angeles strategically positions us where the majority of our clients' uninsured motorist accidents occur.

As a law firm, Ring & Green APC has the authority to confirm with the Department of Motor Vehicles the ownership history of any car and acquire the driving records of those involved in accidents with the insured. This added benefit to our clients separates us from other collection entities. If litigation is warranted, the file is already in the hands of the firm most knowledgeable about the claim.

Medical Pay Reimbursement

In California, payments made by a carrier for medical treatment either to their insured or others may be contractually reimbursable upon third-party recovery. Though certain recent rulings regarding the "made whole doctrine" make recovery in this area more challenging, Ring & Green has been extremely successful in collecting on such claims. Before you waive your repayment rights, you should have Ring & Green APC review the matter.

Arbitration Forum Filings

Ring & Green APC has a longstanding reputation with its clients for composing comprehensive and winning arguments in this venue. Each contention submission is thoroughly reviewed by counsel with a special emphasis on including all applicable facts and law. Clients appreciate being involved throughout the process, and no submission is made without complete client approval.


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